To Our Developing Community

Affordable housing in Herefordshire that cares for people and planet for generations

Larkrise cohousing is an exciting new community-led housing project. We are an intentional community that aims to provide a space to live and be through conscious collaboration. A place that both celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of each individual whilst also appreciating that together our magic is greater. It aims to build and provide homes that are both ecological and affordable. Laying down beautiful eco-friendly housing in Much Birch in Herefordshire that aims to provide affordable housing now and for future generations.

We Do Not Inherit The Earth From Our Ancestors; We Borrow It From Our Children

Chief Seattle

Larkrise has been granted reserved matters planning by a unanimous vote from the planning committee. The permission is to build 20 dwellings, parking, a community house and a large play area. These will be plotted around communal green spaces for productive gardening and creating wild spaces.

The houses will be available through an exciting new ownership model designed to make good quality housing more accessible, affordable and held as so for generations to come.