Sustainability at Larkrise


Here at Larkrise, we aim to live lightly, to sustain our environment for future generations

We are making lifestyle choices that will positively impact the planet. Our individual dwellings, situated in a wildlife-friendly environment, are built to high ecological standards using local materials. Larkrise is providing housing for a socially diverse community. As well as the individual dwellings there is a shared Community house where we have multi-use spaces and resources eg: laundry and work/guest rooms. Outdoors shared tools and equipment are in use on the allotments where we grow vegetables, fruit and nuts – for the benefit of the whole community.

Why we need to live more sustainably


Improves our quality of life
Protects ecosystems
Preserves natural resources for future generations
Improves community health
Slows climate change
Helps with economic development
Prepares for community growth
Saves money

Larkrise is embracing the three pillars of sustainability
~ environmental, economic and social.

How is Larkrise achieving this?

Larkrise is being built to the highest energy-efficient standards with locally sourced natural materials and suppliers.

Providing affordable mixed tenure housing ~ owner occupied, shared ownership and rental properties ~ akin to neighbourship living.

Larkrise is a community that embraces inclusivity, diversity and the joy of living!

Co-housing is where a group of people form an intentional community, designing a neighbourhood of private homes clustered around a shared space. Each house has traditional amenities with a small garden and use of the shared facilities of the common house. The common house features a kitchen and dining area, laundry, guest bedrooms, work and recreational spaces. Shared outdoor spaces include parking for cars and bikes, walkways, play area and fruit and vegetable gardens. Cohousers share resources such as tools and lawnmowers and participate in car pools and renewable energy schemes.

Households have independent incomes and private lives, with neighbours collaboratively planning and managing community activities and shared spaces.

Building materials and methods

Larkrise is using innovative and exciting building materials and methods. Our aim and intention is to create a built environment that has whole life carbon efficiency. This means we have focussed on using materials that are carbon efficient in their production and application, as well as being as locally sourced as possible.
We are very excited to be using hemp fibre insulation. This building material supercedes our intentions, as it is a carbon sequestering material. It can be entirely sourced within the UK.
We are also exploring using new renewable heat sources, that are specifically designed for the types of houses we are building, to create further efficiency in our energy use.
Beyond considering the structure of our houses and making this as carbon efficient as possible, we’ve also considered the construction methods. Our current intention is that the houses will be built on helical screw pile foundations. This enables minimal disruption of the soil and any subsequent release of carbon. This negates the need for using any concrete.

One Planet Living framework

We are working to the One Planet Living Framework which states:

“One Planet Living® is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this”