Why is affordability important?

We all need to live in a place that offers shelter and security, yet we find ourselves living in a world where housing has become a commodity. Larkrise is offering affordable and sustainable housing, through the design of the houses themselves and the environment they will create.

How will Larkrise be affordable?


Larkrise has been specifically designed with affordable living in mind. The siting of houses and sustainable building materials, enable us to live as economically and environmentally lightly on the land as possible.


Great care has been taken to use materials that will enable ongoing affordable living. Using UK sourced, energy efficient natural materials, such as hemp-fibre insulation, low utility bills will be achieved.

Resource sharing

Larkrise residents benefit from being able to share many resources, e.g. shared laundry facilities, allotments and car sharing, resulting in reduced living costs.

Cohousing supporting lowering costs

The way of life in a cohousing offers each person easy access to a number of resources that they can share and exchange with their neighbours. Communal vegetable gardening, tool and appliance sharing, wholesale food orders, meal sharing in the common house, and car pooling

Building houses that are more affordable

One concept behind cohousing is that we all have parts of our houses that we use everyday and other parts that we only use occasionally. These occasional use areas like guest bedrooms, large dining rooms and big open spaces make homes more expensive. At Larkrise we have designed a Co-house dwelling to provide such additional spaces; so that the houses themselves can provide for our everyday needs and be cheaper, providing the residents with easy access to these “extra” facilities when they are needed.

Making quality more affordable

Building high quality housing is a key aim for Larkrise and our building strategy has focussed on using natural materials sourced as locally as possible. We are using multi functional materials within all aspects of the build, ones that generate the least waste. These materials will provide houses with lower running costs eg: low fuel bills.