Our vision of community is one where we share similar values and lifestyles, nurturing a sense of belonging and support. It offers the advantage of sharing our interests and learning new skills, with ample opportunities for social gatherings. Welcoming residents of all ages and in all stages of life, needs for privacy, choice and solitude are respected as an integral part of this.



Cohousing is an approach to creating a community where people live in a way that is purposefully designed to increase connectivity – the spirit of looking out for one another and the environment. Larkrise is run as a participatory democracy: where everyone can contribute to events and decisions in the community; where combined work efforts of the inhabitants play a major role in maintaining the vision; and where everyone is part of a collective that is larger than their own family.

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At Larkrise we are making lifestyle choices that will positively impact the planet. The individual dwellings, situated in a beautiful, wildlife-friendly environment, are built to high ecological standards using local materials. As well as the individual dwellings there is a shared common house where we have multi-use spaces and resources eg: kitchen, dining, a library and work/guest rooms. Outdoors, shared tools and equipment are in use in the vegetables garden and for general maintenance – keeping Larkrise productive and flourishing for the benefit of all.


Larkrise is providing housing for a socially and economically diverse community. We all need to live in a place that offers shelter and security, yet we find ourselves living in a world where housing has become a commodity.

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“Larkrise Co-housing is an intentional community nurturing collaborative living; creating positive change for people and planet”


Larkrise is an intentional community seeking to live in conscious collaboration. Through self responsibility we are committed to creating a stable and strong infrastructure that can support the collective over time, ensuring a safe space for future generations.


We welcome diversity, knowing that a culture that values talents and skill sets over power and status cultivates a fertile environment for community and personal growth.

Conscious Community

We have a commitment to deeply knowing, supporting, respecting and caring for each other and ourselves through active listening, ensuring that each individual is seen, heard and met as they are. We recognise that building a community is an ongoing process requiring flexibility and openness to change.


We aim to live lightly on the earth with gratitude, seeking to use both traditional and modern methods of efficient and low-impact living.

Mutual prosperity

We believe in prosperity for the common good and that investing in the community enables all involved to thrive from it. We aspire to extend this investment out to, and integrate with, the wider community in as many ways as possible.

Larkrise Ethos

We use consensus decision making to develop our social and physical environment. This is a process where everybody contributes. We work together to adjust a decision until there is the highest evil of agreement possible.

We take full responsibility for how we interrelate and are willing to learn and grow from our interactions. Our equality is expressed in our culture of respect ad openness to each other. Differences are taken as an opportunity to learn. Everyones contributions are taken and received with equal waiting.

Some people work better alone and others in small groups. With a large group of people and plenty of jobs to do, we find ways of working that suit each individual to achieve the necessary tasks. It is accepted that there will be times when members will need to step back.